Online Marketing & Business Strategy

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We do

  1. Google Adwords Marketing Campaign Management

  2. Free Site Analysis

  3. Photoshop Illustrator Ad creatives for adwords and social media

  4. Programming Services

Website  Adwords services:

  1. Creating and hosting your website with your domain.
  2. Creating blog (blogspot), youtube channel, google sites, google plus, google maps listing.  
  3. Security audits of your website
  4. Securing website with https
  5. Analyze your webserver logs.
  6. Analyze your adwords dashboard to maximize your ROI
  7. Analyze your google analytics data.
  8. Digital (text, image, video) ad creation.

We conduct EDP (Executive Development Programs) on

  1. Starting Digital Marketing
  2. Securing Websites for Ecommerce.
  3. Implementing Privacy and Security policies for conducting business in US and EU.
  4. Organising targeted advertising campaigns.


Bharat Flooring & Tiles - Mumbai
"HMI has provided us with the most value service by understanding our needs and presenting the best possible solutions. " Mr. Firdaus Variava, Director Marketing

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True North Learning System Private Limited
"HMI has been instrumental in the development and implementations of our ladder logic development software. "

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